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Photos for Social Media. Get Noticed

Everyday approximately 8.95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. How are you going to get your post out there and noticed?

Basically you need to have a unique approach and style. This carries on through the editing stage which will determine your brand message through colours and subject matter.

I mentioned to a friend whilst out in Dublin that I was Instagramming, looking for inspiration. He said ‘ Oh I would like to do that, I have many pictures, I could publish them all. I pointed out that Instagram is not meant to be used to dump all your images on there and hope for thousand of followers.

It is important to concentrate on who you are targeting and show relevant, yet appealing images. With millions of images posted, people scrolling will have to be impressed. So whether you are using a DSLR or your smart phone, find an interesting subject then circle 360 degrees and look up and down to find the most impactive angle.

Taking the light into consideration, it is good to place the ambient light to the side and high to create a set light. Below is a portrait of a Cambodian monk, which I took, where the light is coming from his right giving a soft light over the rest of his face.

Yes I was a professional photographer and had many opportunities to practice my craft and am still learning today through my smartphone. Amazing quality.

There is also the rule of 2/3rds, where the subject should always be in some part of the 1/3rd of the frame, but not really in the middle, it makes a flat and one dimensional image.

This is a good example :

Subject placed off centre creating space and interest

Editing is important to create a consistent Brand message, however the secret is not to over edit with saturated colours and over sharpening. Lightroom and Photoshop are the most popular. It is best to view the tutorials to get the best effects.

This is taken on Samsung A20E. This got a good reaction on Instagram, especially from the college.

National College of Ireland symbolising the growth of knowledge

There next part is to research what each Social Media requires for downloading in respect of size and subject matters. ( ) They will provide the recommended sizes for each platform)

Posting a relevant image evokes a conversation and eventually leads to loyal and trusting followers. I must stress, it takes time so post constantly with good quality images.

I want to share with you the most popular image ever published on Instagram.

It’s not what you would expect. It’s a great lesson to keeping things simple. to see. You will be surprise. Leave a comment and Follow and Like if you agree to keep it SIMPLE.

Finally, don’t go out without your phone or camera, you never know what inspiration may lie around the corner, happy Instagramming.

Social Media

Get More Followers on Social Media

Why are we obsessed by the number of followers we get on Social Media, is this because we are lonely or because it shows that what we are posting is appealing to the right audience?

We rely on followers too much and it’s missing the point initially. When you start posting, it’s not a good idea to beg for likes in a Call to Action. Post your content and if it’s good people will Like automatically. When you have built a small but loyal audience, then gently, engage and start a conversation. This way your Followers will grow steadily but consistently.

It is a false misconception that Liking for Like or buying Likes makes you look good. This way your account is built on false foundations and it is really hard to keep paying for likes, its not sustainable and your account will fold. There are no shortcuts. You will not build Kardashian Towers this way.

So how do you get more likes ?

  1. Create a great and relevant BIO in a Business account. (Instagram/Facebook-both free)
  2. Take good quality pictures/videos.Post on relevant platforms, YouTube,FB,IG. TWT.
  3. Post regularly – up to three times a week. Research best times to post.
  4. Identify your target audience and engage.
  5. Research audiences’ needs and concerns.
  6. Write impactive captions.
  7. Include good quality content, be an influencer, give free tips and make it captivating and engaging.
  8. Determin which are the best platforms for your business. FB, IG, YT. TWT
  9. Write blogs regularly. (WordPress Templates. Blue Host, hosting.) Good way to engage with yuor audience and create converstions and oppinions.
  10. Offer incentives. ‘ Free resources with this Blog” ( Such as this Blog)
  11. Always premote your social media. Include URL in your email signature. Mention in your content.
  12. Have a ‘Call to Action’ in your Bio and content to entice engagement.
  13. Use #to get discovered. Can use up to #30 on Instagram, otherwise don’t use too much. See YouTube videos.
  14. Reach out to Influencers,offer something such as a guest spot on your web site. Their followers will see this and hopefully tap into you and Follow you.
  15. Be Sociable, it is Social Media after all. Have Fun.
Get discovered with Hashtags

If you persevere with these practices on a regular basis your Follow count will rise, however there are no short cuts in this scenario, so don’t despair. Take every opportunity to shout to the world What you are doing and Where you are as well as telling everyone Why you are doing it.

There are many helpful videos on YouTube and I recommend Vanessa Lau. She covers this subject as well as the whole spectrum of Social Media.

Tell me what your site is and I will look at it and Like ,it if it sings to me. Look forward to seeing your business.

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Importance of a Killer Bio

Your Bio on Social Media is the most important component. People scroll through searching for solutions and give about three seconds, so engagement with you future customer has to be instant and memorable.

  1. Your name should be searchable, SEO, ( Search Engine Optimisation ) so your personal name will not fit well on a business profile unless you attach a descriptive element to show what your business is about. The name should POP
  2. Cover a Niche aspect of your business. What is it you do. How can you help people in your target audience. e.g. tyres for specialised high performance cars.
  3. Add intentional details. Highlight facts, ‘See my stories on Instagram’.
  4. Add a Call to Action – Free Resources, Tips. Who doesn’t like a Freebie!
  5. Add Links. In Instagram you can add a website URL which in the bio becomes a link. On FB, Twitter and LinkedIn you can include it in your Bio which will link to your landing page.

Instagram gives you 150 characters for your Bio. Lets look how you can use this to the best effect.

  • Use a name which is searchable. What can you do to solve customers needs, offer a niche product. ( Free resources)
  • Create a niche market. What is your Unique Selling Point ( USP)
  • Use # to represent your business in your bio, don’t over use them. #killerbio
  • Include your landing page/ web site link

Your business may be a nail business, so you need to identify your niche. So you paint nails specialising in multi colours and attachments such as mini jewels.

So your name could be Rainbow Jewel Nails

Rainbow Nails

This is my profile on Instagram:

Nick Vereker

Nick | Business Coach
⭐I help entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable sustainable business.
🍾Marketing|Mindset|Goals ~Coffee?
Learn How.⬇️

It states what I do in the title and in the mission statement. Then it states the pillars of aims, followed by a Call to Action by linking to my blog site, so people will go to this site.

Now by getting a site on WordPress you can repost and link to all the social media platforms. Best to use 2/3 which will fit your business.

The trick is not to concentrate too much on Instagram but use the other platforms to refer them back to Instagram. Use LinkedIn Bio for Business to drive business to your Instagram Stories and join Facebook Groups to engage with like minded businesses and influencers.

Bio characters:

  • Instagram: 150
  • Twitter 160
  • Facebook 155
  • Linkedin 2000 max

Sites to Follow:

  • Instagram: dublinbizcoach
  • Twitter: @nickvereker
  • FB: dublinbizcoach
  • Vanessa Lau. YouTube ( Business Coach)

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As a past photographer, I know how secondary, marketing for getting a solid customer base is an inconvenience and something that takes up too much time. We assume that people will view our spectacular images, pick up the phone and ask us to take thousands of pounds worth of pictures.

Unfortunately, this is the part which is the most important. Planning is essential in any business. After all is there a need for your photography? Do you take pictures of bugs, well if you do your market will be small.

There are some basics involved to get your business out there:1.

1.Find your niche, what makes you stand out. Concentrate on one subject and get good at it.

2. Automate your social media to link externally to your platforms. If you have an Instagram account, link it to Facebook and your blog.

3. Set up a blog ( WordPress is the most popular & they provide free sites and hosting.) They are easy to administrate and have tuitions on how best to blog. Post regularly and make content relevant and interesting.

4. Tell stories. Your images should relate to the customer and tell a story. Easy example, wedding photography should flow through the day and tell the viewer what happened with a touch of humour and style.

5. Get referrals from past customers. Show your work in the best light to show your style and brand.

6. Build an email list and create a schedule to target your audience with promotions and latest images.

7. Run contests and competitions. Prizes could consist of a free hours tuition or a discount on a commission


8. Become an influencer by linking with fellow professionals and offer tips to create interest.

9 Get satisfied customers to refer their friends and offer discounts.

10. Register on Google Business Pages with strong keywords and contact details to get noticed.

11. Join FB group related to your niche business. Engage with your customers and fellow photographers.

These are a few steps you could take to improve you marketing strategy. If you need to explore social media further, I am running courses on Instagram & Facebook to increase your client base.

For details PM me on

Research is the key plus dedication and patience. Don’t give up.

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Welcome to Dublin Biz Coach

I am very excited to welcome you to my new blog. I am a social media coach helping small businesses get connected to their customers and similar businesses.

Imagine organising a special party, how are you going to get say 100 people to come? There are so many elements to organise; invitations, drink, food, venue etc.

Well, organising your business and letting people know where you are and what you do is part of your marketing strategy and is similar to organising your party.

I was in past life a photographer specialising in Travel and now am coaching photographers in marketing techniques on Social Media, namely Instagram and Facebook. This is one of many businesses I could explore with you, so what is your story?

I am here to help you put those elements in place to give you your party and make it memorable and fun.

You can view images taken with my smart phone (Samsung A20e) and my iPad air

Peaceful Evening on the Liffey

Instagram: dublinbizcoach. + takealeap64

FB: dublinbizcoach. Join Dublinbizcoach Group and meet your tribe.

On this blog I will be covering interesting stories and sharing advice and tips, so if you have any great stories or need to cover a niggling problem, message me and lets chat over coffee.

Nick Vereker