Photos for Social Media. Get Noticed

Everyday approximately 8.95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. How are you going to get your post out there and noticed? Basically you need to have a unique approach and style. This carries on through the editing stage which will determine your brand message through colours and subject matter. I mentioned to aContinue reading “Photos for Social Media. Get Noticed”

Get More Followers on Social Media

Why are we obsessed by the number of followers we get on Social Media, is this because we are lonely or because it shows that what we are posting is appealing to the right audience? We rely on followers too much and it’s missing the point initially. When you start posting, it’s not a goodContinue reading “Get More Followers on Social Media”

Importance of a Killer Bio

Your Bio on Social Media is the most important component. People scroll through searching for solutions and give about three seconds, so engagement with you future customer has to be instant and memorable. Your name should be searchable, SEO, ( Search Engine Optimisation ) so your personal name will not fit well on a businessContinue reading “Importance of a Killer Bio”


WELCOME TO DUBLIN BIZ COACH As a past photographer, I know how secondary, marketing for getting a solid customer base is an inconvenience and something that takes up too much time. We assume that people will view our spectacular images, pick up the phone and ask us to take thousands of pounds worth of pictures.Continue reading “MARKETING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS”

Welcome to Dublin Biz Coach

I am very excited to welcome you to my new blog. I am a social media coach helping small businesses get connected to their customers and similar businesses. Imagine organising a special party, how are you going to get say 100 people to come? There are so many elements to organise; invitations, drink, food, venueContinue reading “Welcome to Dublin Biz Coach”