Social Media

Importance of a Killer Bio

Your Bio on Social Media is the most important component. People scroll through searching for solutions and give about three seconds, so engagement with you future customer has to be instant and memorable.

  1. Your name should be searchable, SEO, ( Search Engine Optimisation ) so your personal name will not fit well on a business profile unless you attach a descriptive element to show what your business is about. The name should POP
  2. Cover a Niche aspect of your business. What is it you do. How can you help people in your target audience. e.g. tyres for specialised high performance cars.
  3. Add intentional details. Highlight facts, ‘See my stories on Instagram’.
  4. Add a Call to Action – Free Resources, Tips. Who doesn’t like a Freebie!
  5. Add Links. In Instagram you can add a website URL which in the bio becomes a link. On FB, Twitter and LinkedIn you can include it in your Bio which will link to your landing page.

Instagram gives you 150 characters for your Bio. Lets look how you can use this to the best effect.

  • Use a name which is searchable. What can you do to solve customers needs, offer a niche product. ( Free resources)
  • Create a niche market. What is your Unique Selling Point ( USP)
  • Use # to represent your business in your bio, don’t over use them. #killerbio
  • Include your landing page/ web site link

Your business may be a nail business, so you need to identify your niche. So you paint nails specialising in multi colours and attachments such as mini jewels.

So your name could be Rainbow Jewel Nails

Rainbow Nails

This is my profile on Instagram:

Nick Vereker

Nick | Business Coach
⭐I help entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable sustainable business.
🍾Marketing|Mindset|Goals ~Coffee?
Learn How.⬇️

It states what I do in the title and in the mission statement. Then it states the pillars of aims, followed by a Call to Action by linking to my blog site, so people will go to this site.

Now by getting a site on WordPress you can repost and link to all the social media platforms. Best to use 2/3 which will fit your business.

The trick is not to concentrate too much on Instagram but use the other platforms to refer them back to Instagram. Use LinkedIn Bio for Business to drive business to your Instagram Stories and join Facebook Groups to engage with like minded businesses and influencers.

Bio characters:

  • Instagram: 150
  • Twitter 160
  • Facebook 155
  • Linkedin 2000 max

Sites to Follow:

  • Instagram: dublinbizcoach
  • Twitter: @nickvereker
  • FB: dublinbizcoach
  • Vanessa Lau. YouTube ( Business Coach)

By Nick Vereker

Hi, I am a business coach, concentrating on the photography side of social media.
I do one to one coaching and groups which are tailor-made to your requirements.
I have been and still am, part-time a travel photographer, practising throughout Asia as well as teaching English.
I am a qualified coach and have completed a diploma course in Social Media Marketing.
I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you and helping you move your business to the next level.

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