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Get More Followers on Social Media

Why are we obsessed by the number of followers we get on Social Media, is this because we are lonely or because it shows that what we are posting is appealing to the right audience?

We rely on followers too much and it’s missing the point initially. When you start posting, it’s not a good idea to beg for likes in a Call to Action. Post your content and if it’s good people will Like automatically. When you have built a small but loyal audience, then gently, engage and start a conversation. This way your Followers will grow steadily but consistently.

It is a false misconception that Liking for Like or buying Likes makes you look good. This way your account is built on false foundations and it is really hard to keep paying for likes, its not sustainable and your account will fold. There are no shortcuts. You will not build Kardashian Towers this way.

So how do you get more likes ?

  1. Create a great and relevant BIO in a Business account. (Instagram/Facebook-both free)
  2. Take good quality pictures/videos.Post on relevant platforms, YouTube,FB,IG. TWT.
  3. Post regularly – up to three times a week. Research best times to post.
  4. Identify your target audience and engage.
  5. Research audiences’ needs and concerns.
  6. Write impactive captions.
  7. Include good quality content, be an influencer, give free tips and make it captivating and engaging.
  8. Determin which are the best platforms for your business. FB, IG, YT. TWT
  9. Write blogs regularly. (WordPress Templates. Blue Host, hosting.) Good way to engage with yuor audience and create converstions and oppinions.
  10. Offer incentives. ‘ Free resources with this Blog” ( Such as this Blog)
  11. Always premote your social media. Include URL in your email signature. Mention in your content.
  12. Have a ‘Call to Action’ in your Bio and content to entice engagement.
  13. Use #to get discovered. Can use up to #30 on Instagram, otherwise don’t use too much. See YouTube videos.
  14. Reach out to Influencers,offer something such as a guest spot on your web site. Their followers will see this and hopefully tap into you and Follow you.
  15. Be Sociable, it is Social Media after all. Have Fun.
Get discovered with Hashtags

If you persevere with these practices on a regular basis your Follow count will rise, however there are no short cuts in this scenario, so don’t despair. Take every opportunity to shout to the world What you are doing and Where you are as well as telling everyone Why you are doing it.

There are many helpful videos on YouTube and I recommend Vanessa Lau. She covers this subject as well as the whole spectrum of Social Media.

Tell me what your site is and I will look at it and Like ,it if it sings to me. Look forward to seeing your business.

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Facebook: DublinBiz Coach

Twitter: @nickvereker

By Nick Vereker

Hi, I am a business coach, concentrating on the photography side of social media.
I do one to one coaching and groups which are tailor-made to your requirements.
I have been and still am, part-time a travel photographer, practising throughout Asia as well as teaching English.
I am a qualified coach and have completed a diploma course in Social Media Marketing.
I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you and helping you move your business to the next level.

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