Why Use Images in Social Media Posts

Images that tell a story and are relative,
create the most impact.

Images in social media can engage your audience immediately, if they are relevant and conceptual. Tell me that you didn’t chuckle at the above image. it also invokes a sense of familiarity and feelings of past frustrations.

Content with images achieve 94% more views than content without relevant images. They also attract new followers as well as retaining the attention of existing viewers.

It is imperative, therefore that the image is relative to your business. If you go on holiday and take loads of holiday images, then post them on your business page, your customers will not only be confused but also disengaged.

Images in social media can ‘Persuade’ creating desire, such as fashion. The image creates a perception that you could afford the product if you live a certain lifestyle which may be just out of reach of your normal life, but we still aspire to possessing the goods.

Well known Brands sell themselves

Instagram is a great place to engage with your followers and keep them up to date with your latest designs as well as growing your target audience with ‘stories’

Videos are another popular way to show your products and services especially on YouTube. There have been many memorable campaigns highlighted on this channel, for example, The Kit Kat Ad with the Panders. ( https://youtu.be/A-_7YnqG9fg ) Copy and Paste Link.

Hilarious and memorable.

Image result for Images of Kit Kat ad with Panders

Facebook and Instagram are the two main players, however there are other reputable platforms, so don’t restrict your images to one area.

  • Vero Social:

This the newest platform for photographers. The main advantage is that they display your images in high definition and does not compress images, which is what Facebook and Instagram do. It also shows music and movies and shows interest for people with diverse interest.

  • Flikre:

This has been around before social media was established. Its free version limits your images to 1000 and you can store high resolution photos. ( Up to 5K ) for free. Instagram does not do this.

  • Pinterest:

Want to boost your photo business, this serves professional photographers. This platform is not designed for LIKES, but it allows your images to be showcased to potential clients through backlinks. Its a good way to see what is trending and what new styles are developing.

  • Seller Stories:

This is for mobile users to show their stories on a regular basis. Seller Stories lets you post albums of images and allows you to tell your stories around it. You can share and engage with other users.

Seller Stories
  • Behance:

This is owned by Adobe and is one of the best networking sites available. It allows to share and intereact with your content.

It is a creative version of Linkedin and concentrates on photography and graphics and is available to existing and potential clients. It acts as your Port Folio which people can LIKE and comment on.


In Conclusion, there are many alternative choices out there to highlight your work over a wide spectrum of Social Media Platforms. These are a few of the few alternatives.

Depending on your business, one or two of these platforms should be effective.

I am going to leave you with one more image I stumbled across in Saigon, how the tables can be turned!

Smile Mummy, You’r too Big !

As you can see in this blog, images create interest and tell stories.

Leave a comment below with your best photo story. Thanks.

Published by Nick Vereker

Hi, I am a business coach, concentrating on the photography side of social media. I do one to one coaching and groups which are tailor-made to your requirements. I have been and still am, part-time a travel photographer, practising throughout Asia as well as teaching English. I am a qualified coach and have completed a diploma course in Social Media Marketing. I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you and helping you move your business to the next level.

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