Why Don’t We Listen ?

How many times do you have a conversation or ask someone to do something and you might as well be talking to yourself ! For example people ask ‘how are you ?’ You reply, ‘ Not good, having a really bad day’. They ignore this and say ‘ Jolly Good, I am really good.’ InContinue reading “Why Don’t We Listen ?”

Irish Culture Made Simple

Last week I asked what content you would like to see, well I got one reply from Vu Dong Phuong, an old student of mine from Vietnam. So here goes. Let’s start with St. Patricks Day. One of the most celebrated days throughout the world but did you realise he wasn’t even Irish !!! HeContinue reading “Irish Culture Made Simple”

How You Can Make Your Instagram​ Pictures Look Premium

With 95 million posts a day posted on Instagram, this is a great question. What are you taking images for? If it’s for commercial purposes find a specialist photographer who understands your product ( Food, Fashion for example ). They should produce a really top notch image with proper lighting and editing. The image belowContinue reading “How You Can Make Your Instagram​ Pictures Look Premium”