Irish Culture Made Simple

Celebrating Irish Culture

Last week I asked what content you would like to see, well I got one reply from Vu Dong Phuong, an old student of mine from Vietnam. So here goes.

Let’s start with St. Patricks Day. One of the most celebrated days throughout the world but did you realise he wasn’t even Irish !!! He was infact Roman and was kidnapped by Irish bandits and put into slavery as a shepherd.

6 years passed when he heard a calling from God to move to a port over 100 miles away. Ireland. He brought Christianity to Ireland and likened the shamrock to the Holy Trinity which has now become the iconic symbol of Ireland.

Next is most peoples favourite Culture – Guinness.

Famous Pint of Guinness

Pub culture is the backbone of Irish society. This is where families meet and catch up over a pint of the Black Stuff.

Guiness was introduced by Arthur Guinness in Dublin in 1859. It is known and drunk all over the world and brings in a staggering €2 thousand million every year and with a 9000 year lease on the brewery, the worlds most famous pint is going nowhere.

What better when drinking a pint of Guinness to have Irish music to sing along with.

Irish Music In a Classic Irish Pub

Music plays a major part in Irish Culture and consists of wide range of instruments such as; the fiddle, acoustic guitar, Celtic harp, flute, banjo and the Bodhran.

The Bodhran

Irish music would not be decent unless you could dance to it, which brings us to Irish Dance Culture. Irish dancing was made popular back in 1990’s with Riverdance. Irish dance evokes a unique fashion sense with dresses designs from The Book Of Kells and tap shoes which produce clicks I time to the music.

Irish Myths and Legends have become world famous. Some mythes have evolved into other lands, such as, Fionn Mac Cumhaill ( Fin Mac Cooal ). Some say in order to keep his feet dry he constructed the Giants Causeway.

He is also known to have grabbed a huge piece of land to intimidate then Scots, but missed and formed the Isle of Man. The empty hole developed into Lough Neagh, Northen Ireland.

Fin Mac Cumhaill

Leprechauns have become a famous character in Irish folklore relating to the fairies of Tuath De Dennann, a supernatural group go gods from another world who ruled Irelands deities.


The Irish love their food and the staple is the humble potato! This is another famous symbol of Ireland and in the 17th century was a huge economic influence. However, the Potato Famine in 1845 millions were forced to starve and move away. The mass emigration to lands such as America and England allowed the Irish culture to spread and grow as we know it today. The famine ended six years later and potatoes are still as popular in Ireland today.

The Humble Potato that influenced Irish Culture

There is so much to Irish culture so today I have covered a few of the basics. I hope this gives you an insight into Irish culture.

Irish people are very friendly and will ask you what is the Craic? it means, is everything going well, what’s going on.

Try it out on your friends or strangers today and make a friend, its the Irish way.

If you have any questions on Irish culture leave a comment and Follow –

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