BE S. M. A. R. T.

What does it mean to be smart? We all try to be smart in our decisions in life but often we get it wrong. In digital marketing being SMART gives a structure to your business marketing plan. Imagine building a house without a plan!

Lets explore what Smart means:

This gives structure to your marketing plan, something I really needed to do as I was floundering about which direction to go. Now I have direction and purpose.

It’s my intention to set up coaching for photographers who want to take unique and impressionable images to portray their brand and purpose within their Social Media campaign. I was really struggling to construct a plan and SMART helps me concentrate on my aims and goals.

So lets go through some examples:

Specific Goals: Developing a photographic course for social media photographers such as Instagram and Facebook. I have learned how to post Instagram and Facebook Stories over the last six months with a specific goal in mind to attract the photographic community. (

They are so simple to set up and yet are very effective.

I aim to increase my paying clients by 20% over the next six months

Measurable : When I post I periodically check ‘ view insights’ on my images which shows bio views and number of engagements. A popular image has been:

This shows measure and connection with the target audience. Every picture tells a story relative to the viewer and should evoke a reaction.

Achievable: Your goals should be realistic. My photography course will start off with one to ones which will be manageable and allows for Feedback which is important for the development of the business. This will be achievable and sustainable.

I want to increase my traffic traction through the relevant social media funnels.

Relevant: My goals are relevant in so much that I want to develop and reach photographers skills and knowledge so they in turn can achieve their goals when producing professional, dynamic images. I have to identify their needs and create a relevant course to satisfy their needs.

Time: There should be a time scale in place so that both parties are aware of the time restraints. When running a course curriculum the student should be aware that any assignments must be submitted on time and lessons will be over a specific period of time. I other words they must be responsible for their work and I must mark and teach within the specified times.

Having established my goals, it is important to share them with the public, showing transparency an allowing them to follow your progress. It makes them feel part of the process and can develop trust and more loyal followers.

Sharing feedback with your customers will give a really good insight into their needs. Don’t expect all feedback to be good but use this as a positive to initiate change and again, fill the customers’ needs.

Success can be a reality if you put these goals into practice and adapt them from time to time. By stretching your expectations and your goals will encourage your followers to reach for ambitious targets.

This can be achieved by caching photographers to push the boundaries and develop their own style and brand by experimenting rather than copying others who are successful.

So why not sit down and draft your own SMART GOALS and see where it leads you.

For further information on Photography coaching for Digital Marketing enquire below and I would really look forward to working together to develop your skills.

Published by Nick Vereker

Hi, I am a business coach, concentrating on the photography side of social media. I do one to one coaching and groups which are tailor-made to your requirements. I have been and still am, part-time a travel photographer, practising throughout Asia as well as teaching English. I am a qualified coach and have completed a diploma course in Social Media Marketing. I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you and helping you move your business to the next level.

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