The Impact of Photography for Social Media

Smart Phones for Social Media

When I started taking photographs there were no digital cameras or social media in the market place. Yes, I am old! With the daily advancements of smartphones coupled with extraordinary quality cameras, it is no longer a requisite to be knowledgeable about the technicalities of photography, you can point and shoot and end up with a very acceptable result.

I started off with a Nikon F5 35mm film camera. It has always been an iconic camera and a very sturdy workhorse. This was a camera where you had to have a certain level of skill and you only pressed the shutter when everything was aligned and the composition was spot on. After all, you only had 36 frames tom play with. Today people shooting on digital take anything up to 500 shots to get maybe 3/4 acceptable images. Where is the skill in that?

Many years ago I read a true account about a photographer who was on a photoshoot on a boat on the Mediterranean when hen knocked his F5 overboard. He thought that was the end but decided to dive in to recover the body. Out of interest, he tried to take a photo and blow me it worked!

Iconic NIKON F5

With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, things have moved on. As a result in 2011, there was a staggering 400 billion pictures taken and in the next few years, that figure is expected to rise to 1.2 trillion.

There are many professional photographers utilising social media so the standard is high, however, amateurs are now comfortably posting images next to the pros and achieving good results. What category are you falling into?

How does photography create an impact on social media?

I had a conversation recently when someone asked what I did and I replied that I coach businesses on the best practices of photography for social media marketing.

They replied, ‘great, I have loads of pictures, I’ll put them all on Instagram!’

I was alarmed, Who was going to look at these images that related to no particular subject.

This brings me to the subject of niches. Having a niche not only makes your business stand out but identifies a gap in the market that people want answers to. A niche also helps establish a brand. This can be reflected in the style of your photography as well as the editing of your images which reflects your brand message.

You could be known for black and white images and also for sepia which gives you an edge on your competition, also creating a unique branding platform. From this, you could become an expert in your field and become an influencer on social media attracting loyal followers and potential paying customers.



Creating a mood with Sepia

So what is your niche? You may be struggling to find one, ask yourself what do you enjoy most and develope a niche around that. If you like baking, for instance, it does not make sense to bake everything. You may proficient at baking bread or cakes, so concentrate on the one thing you good at and perfect it and become an expert.


Types of Photography:

Who would not be tempted by this?!
  • Products
  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Photojournalist
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Architecture

Whatever your chosen topic what would be your unique selling point? What would be your niche that would make you different from your competition? How would you achieve your niche? Who would be your target audience? Where would you execute your particular subject and what social media platform/platforms would you use to achieve the best results?

Why is Photography for Social Media so Vital?

By sharing photography images over social media platforms in real-time brings people and businesses closer together. Younger people expect social media to be a part of everyday life and as a result, it has molded the way we behave. Basically, it’s made us socially inept. That’s a discussion for another day.

Photography is an integral part of social media and acts as your shop window when it comes to your website and funnels’ profiles. Your profile picture is equally important and it may be worth considering using a professional portrait photographer ( maybe you are one! ) 

Guerilla Advertising for Gyms

Images of your products/services should reflect the quality and branding of your business providing huge impact and engagement.

You no longer have to rely on expensive studio shoots as now you can record your place of business and processes on a smartphone and post them on Stories. This makes your business more personal to your customers and they can follow the aims of the company and give you feedback through ‘Comments’. A priceless component of your marketing strategy. It’s Free!


Importance of Photography in Content Writing

You can have a strong content article but it is not very engaging unless it has some imagery to back it up. This makes the piece more engaging and relevant to your reader.  If you are a photojournalist, for instance, a good photograph will complete the story. Take the controversial subject of climate change, a dramatic image to get the point across is essential.


This image tells a story and has an engaging and provocative subject that we can all relate to.

Impact of Profile Photography

Without photography, your business will suffer through a lack of impact and brand awareness. Strong imagery will project your business over all social media platforms and encourage engagement with your target audience. Having a strong profile picture can make the difference between having an immediate impact or potential customers passing you by.

 Here is a selection of Linkedin profile photographs. They portray a range of characters, some inspiring trust, and professionalism, others show seriousness and indifference. Who would you pick to help your business? Leave a comment below to tell us who and why?



Have fun with your photography and its a great opportunity to show off your business and show people who you are.

Go to Comments below for your Free consultation and see how we can plan your photography to fit your business.













Published by Nick Vereker

Hi, I am a business coach, concentrating on the photography side of social media. I do one to one coaching and groups which are tailor-made to your requirements. I have been and still am, part-time a travel photographer, practising throughout Asia as well as teaching English. I am a qualified coach and have completed a diploma course in Social Media Marketing. I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you and helping you move your business to the next level.

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