Customer Service Challenges

Bad Customer Service

Imagine that you have had a successful week at work and you feel like celebrating by going to your favourite special restaurant with your family. Expectations are high and the scene is set. Having been shown to your table the evening begins with a chatty catch-up and the anticipation of tasty food and plentiful amounts of drink kicks in. We are off!.

The waiter/waitress introduce themselves and explain the specials on the menu. The drinks orders are taken and you are left to peruse the menu choices. The perfect start, so far so good.

Someone knocks the table and I wake up, I was having a dream! In reality, we are still waiting for any service and menus. Fifteen minutes later still nothing happening. Reality kicks in.

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than bad customer service however, this is a recurring problem across many restaurants throughout the world.

On my travels, I frequented many different types of eateries including Italian, Vietnamese and Thai establishments. I have to add I ate in these countries and had authentic dishes which were sometimes challenging but on the whole were tasty and quite delightful especially Vietnamese.

The cuisine is inviting and healthy reflecting the local produce. Pho is a good example. Pronounced Fir, this is the national dish consisting of beef broth, bean sprouts, coriander and a hint of chilli. Beef or chicken is added and cooked in the hot broth. A good healthy start to the day.

Vietnamese Pho

One thing they do is when you order they bring all the courses at once. The service is good but they are very sly as they have delivered all your food In one go that means they don’t have to remember or exert themselves to deliver the right order. Now they can sit down again and have a smoke and a chat. Clever until you insist you order one course at a time and have a leisurely meal.

This brings me to an experience I had recently in Romania where I stumbled across a Vietnamese restaurant. I was delighted to meet a Vietnamese employee so I asked him where he was from. He replied, Vietnam. I guessed that so I asked where was he from, which city, he replied Vietnam. Once again I asked the question. The reply came – Vietnam! Eventually, I ascertained he was from Hanoi

Anyway, I was served by a charming Romanian who failed to recognise that half of the menu was, in fact, Thai so when I made the order I confirmed the order which he then read back to me. I ordered spring rolls and Vietnamese rice noodles with chicken.

What I got was a version of Pad Thai, which I decided to accept as the restaurant was really busy and I hadn’t the energy to complain, I was too hungry. The dish was totally under seasoned so I requested some Soy sauce which came in the smallest cup possible then I subsequently got charged for it. Damn cheek! Normally these accoutrements are on the table as standard and FREE.

The lesson to be learnt here is for the waiter to listen and absorb the information. When I taught English in Asia I said to my students, ‘ you have just spoken two of the most dangerous words in the English Language. ‘I Thought!’

It is dangerous to interpret what you think should happen. Deal with the facts and nothing else. So when it comes to orders stick to the script please, no surprises needed.

I mentioned earlier that I have enjoyed eating in Italy, where being a waiter is a vocation and a joy.

Good Customer Service

The Italians are passionate about their food and border on an arrogance when it comes to service, but boy is it good. No sycophantic Americanisms like ‘Have a nice day! Just the desire to please and deliver top class service. I think it helps that the Italian language sings to you and it feels as if you are their new friend.

I was in Bergamo, Italy where I went into a popular lunchtime restaurant where I ordered a simple pizza and a glass of wine. Simply delightful and a true taste of Italy but the experience was topped off by the friendly and empathetic service. They always engage with a smile and make eye contact which makes the experience personal and special. A lot of this is down to family-run businesses. I will always remember that lunch.

Good Attitude. Italian Waiters

To deliver a good consistent customer service certain elements should be put into place, one of the most important being training. In Italy, they have courses to train professional waiters at ANPA – Accademia Nazionale Professioni Alberghiere in Rome. Sure we have management and catering courses but being a waiter is considered a pretty lowly occupation in the UK. It’s a means to an end and it carries very little self-esteem and the service is reflected in this occupation.

On the other hand, there are some very well polished waiters working in top-class restaurants and hotels who have been trained in house however there is a certain amount of arrogance and snobbery involved and as a customer, you are expected to be au fait with the dining etiquette.

Some years ago I went to a French restaurant in London and the waiter new the name and flavour of over twenty cheeses on the cheese board and could recommend what wine to have with each one.

Maybe it should be considered as a recognised professional occupation. After all, it is one of the most important roles in any restaurant as good service will reflect your brand and determine your target audience.

One of the most stunning pieces of service I experienced was at ‘The Waterside’, Bray. Berkshire. My wife and I were sitting adjacent to the French Doors overlooking the Thames. there was an annoying wasp hovering over our table. The waiter came over and engaged eye contact with me and asked if everything was satisfactory whilst he dispatched of the intrusion discretely. Brilliant, I have never forgotten his considerate service.

It is evident that there are two clear areas of service. Firstly, the service which is casual and is a means to an end and on the other hand there is the professional and skilled service where you pay for to receive a premium customer care.

So what is the best and worst service you have ever experienced? Share your stories in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.


How You Can Make Your Instagram​ Pictures Look Premium

Classic Travel Image, Keeping it Simple

With 95 million posts a day posted on Instagram, this is a great question. What are you taking images for? If it’s for commercial purposes find a specialist photographer who understands your product ( Food, Fashion for example ).

They should produce a really top notch image with proper lighting and editing. The image below shows the use of controlled studio lighting.

For personal images, there is such an array of affordable equipment on the market as well as editing suits on the market, including smartphones, as you know.

Rule of 2/3rds

Use the rule of 2/3rds and go high as well as low. Tilt your camera slightly to get dynamic portraits. This leads the viewer to the subject and creates interest and intrigue.

When taking portraits always focus on the subjects eyes and engage to evoke a mood or reaction. Use soft ambient light. Bright sunshine can be your enemy.

This image demonstrates the importance of focusing on the eyes. They portray the subjects feelings. Everything falls into place.

You can see how he stands out with the use of a simple natural background, cluttered backgrounds are distracting.

Use hand held reflectors to soften the light, especially on portraits.

Hand held reflectors

Post regular images, for example beauty products with you in them, but don’t suddenly put a cat in there!

Images for Instagram need to be square 1080pxls x 1350pxls. Ratio:4:5. You can set your settings on your camera to square.

Editing tools: ( Try not to over use )

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Hope these few tips help. DM me if you want more help.

Good luck and remember, Have Fun !

Share your favourite Instagram Picture. Send DM message

POST the best six images using natural light ( Ambient Light )


The Impact of Photography for Social Media

Smart Phones for Social Media

When I started taking photographs there were no digital cameras or social media in the market place. Yes, I am old! With the daily advancements of smartphones coupled with extraordinary quality cameras, it is no longer a requisite to be knowledgeable about the technicalities of photography, you can point and shoot and end up with a very acceptable result.

I started off with a Nikon F5 35mm film camera. It has always been an iconic camera and a very sturdy workhorse. This was a camera where you had to have a certain level of skill and you only pressed the shutter when everything was aligned and the composition was spot on. After all, you only had 36 frames tom play with. Today people shooting on digital take anything up to 500 shots to get maybe 3/4 acceptable images. Where is the skill in that?

Many years ago I read a true account about a photographer who was on a photoshoot on a boat on the Mediterranean when hen knocked his F5 overboard. He thought that was the end but decided to dive in to recover the body. Out of interest, he tried to take a photo and blow me it worked!

Iconic NIKON F5

With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, things have moved on. As a result in 2011, there was a staggering 400 billion pictures taken and in the next few years, that figure is expected to rise to 1.2 trillion.

There are many professional photographers utilising social media so the standard is high, however, amateurs are now comfortably posting images next to the pros and achieving good results. What category are you falling into?

How does photography create an impact on social media?

I had a conversation recently when someone asked what I did and I replied that I coach businesses on the best practices of photography for social media marketing.

They replied, ‘great, I have loads of pictures, I’ll put them all on Instagram!’

I was alarmed, Who was going to look at these images that related to no particular subject.

This brings me to the subject of niches. Having a niche not only makes your business stand out but identifies a gap in the market that people want answers to. A niche also helps establish a brand. This can be reflected in the style of your photography as well as the editing of your images which reflects your brand message.

You could be known for black and white images and also for sepia which gives you an edge on your competition, also creating a unique branding platform. From this, you could become an expert in your field and become an influencer on social media attracting loyal followers and potential paying customers.



Creating a mood with Sepia

So what is your niche? You may be struggling to find one, ask yourself what do you enjoy most and develope a niche around that. If you like baking, for instance, it does not make sense to bake everything. You may proficient at baking bread or cakes, so concentrate on the one thing you good at and perfect it and become an expert.


Types of Photography:

Who would not be tempted by this?!
  • Products
  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Photojournalist
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Architecture

Whatever your chosen topic what would be your unique selling point? What would be your niche that would make you different from your competition? How would you achieve your niche? Who would be your target audience? Where would you execute your particular subject and what social media platform/platforms would you use to achieve the best results?

Why is Photography for Social Media so Vital?

By sharing photography images over social media platforms in real-time brings people and businesses closer together. Younger people expect social media to be a part of everyday life and as a result, it has molded the way we behave. Basically, it’s made us socially inept. That’s a discussion for another day.

Photography is an integral part of social media and acts as your shop window when it comes to your website and funnels’ profiles. Your profile picture is equally important and it may be worth considering using a professional portrait photographer ( maybe you are one! ) 

Guerilla Advertising for Gyms

Images of your products/services should reflect the quality and branding of your business providing huge impact and engagement.

You no longer have to rely on expensive studio shoots as now you can record your place of business and processes on a smartphone and post them on Stories. This makes your business more personal to your customers and they can follow the aims of the company and give you feedback through ‘Comments’. A priceless component of your marketing strategy. It’s Free!


Importance of Photography in Content Writing

You can have a strong content article but it is not very engaging unless it has some imagery to back it up. This makes the piece more engaging and relevant to your reader.  If you are a photojournalist, for instance, a good photograph will complete the story. Take the controversial subject of climate change, a dramatic image to get the point across is essential.


This image tells a story and has an engaging and provocative subject that we can all relate to.

Impact of Profile Photography

Without photography, your business will suffer through a lack of impact and brand awareness. Strong imagery will project your business over all social media platforms and encourage engagement with your target audience. Having a strong profile picture can make the difference between having an immediate impact or potential customers passing you by.

 Here is a selection of Linkedin profile photographs. They portray a range of characters, some inspiring trust, and professionalism, others show seriousness and indifference. Who would you pick to help your business? Leave a comment below to tell us who and why?



Have fun with your photography and its a great opportunity to show off your business and show people who you are.

Go to Comments below for your Free consultation and see how we can plan your photography to fit your business.














What Are People Looking for in a Social Media Coach

Is your business lagging behind in the world of Social Media, if so what do you want to achieve in order to stand out? How are you going to set out your marketing plan? Where is your target audience? When do you intend to start your campaign, maybe you already have.

All these questions, and you are trying to run your business, have you got time to run your campaign?

Why Hire a Business Coach

This is where it is worth considering hiring a social media business coach to guide you through the maze, that is Digital Marketing. It is worth mentioning that a business coach is there to steer you in the right direction, not to do the work for you, so you have to implement the structure and develop your skills accordingly.

Building Awareness

  • They will help you build awareness so that your target audience will be aware of who you are and what your business offers whether you are a small high street business or a corporation. social Media allows businesses to showcase their products and services to a worldwide audience instantly rather than relying on local advertising where its difficult to measure who has seen your advertisement.

An example would be say, JD Sports on one hand and on the other a local village florist shop, both would benefit from promoting awareness.

Digital Marketing has become an essential part of everyday business and its hard enough to run a business and deal with the marketing strategy, so why not seek advise from a professional marketer so you can concentrate on the daily tasks of driving your business forward.

Linkedin and Twitter platforms are more suited for formal businesses such as corporations whereas beauty and health businesses are more suited to Instagram and Facebook.

Imagine a business coach helping a bakery business. They have no idea how to bake at the same time they have hired a coach because they do not know the workings of Digital Marketing. Yet the two businesses can benefit each other.

Marketing Strategy

  • Have you got a marketing strategy in place? Is it specific to your business? What channels do have in place. Are they relevant to your business and do they fit your business model? A business coach should guide you and recommend the best marketing plan for your business and create a strategy to connect with your target audience. They will create promotions and market them through appropriate funnels which will reach your target audience enticing engagement thus creating increased sales and revenue.

88.2% of companies will use social networks for marketing purposes, and is estimated to reach 89.4% by 2019. 64% of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media marketing strategy.

Creating Authority

  • Do you communicate authority? When customers are teaching on line for a service will they click on your business, if so you should have a strong profile as well as consistent, strong content which is engaging and oozes brand authority. A coach will guide you through the process and give you strong tips. View Venessa Lau on Youtube, she is a great advocate on these subjects. http://www.youtube/vanessalau

Show Your Voice

  • Potential customers are not interested in corporate style posts. It’s not a good idea to be patronising, so talk to your customers, engage in conversation, ask them what they are looking for. Show them your voice and who you are. After all we are all social animals and love to chat and share news. Tell them about your Brand and if they follow you and are loyal they will become Brand Ambassadors.

Highlight Your Business

  • Social Media channels are constantly growing and evolving and are allowing businesses to learn as they go. A coach will set out a strategy for your business to be seen on Instagram/Facebook stories giving your audience an insight into your business. There are many chat room platforms so you can engage with your customers in real time, such as Whatsapp and FaceTime.

Engaging within a Facebook groups relevant to your subject, for example, photography can give you a platform to be an authority within your industry and become an Influencer.

Show Support

  • Providing support is now easier and a coach will create systems for your business to solve problems and help customers through social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. They will create systems for tracking customer feedback, questions and yes, complaints. It’s really important to respond as quickly as possible. Businesses use complaints like market research to improve their customer service, so it should be a positive experience.

Be an Authority

Its the job of a coach to evaluate your business and apply the relevant funnels to your business. This could be just one such as Linkedin if you run a formal business, for example, an international marine insurer. Instagram, would not be a suitable platform neither would Snapchat or WhatsApp.

Successful Social Media coaches are very clear who their ideal clients are. They can be specialized and have a particular niche which related to their clients. A good example of this would be the music business and within this subject they will concentrate on a further niche, such as Jazz, Pop and Rock.


Firstly its probably best to late your stall out first and see whether you have a viable business. If you have test it out to see whether you are making money, if so, then it’s then it’s best to consider whether you want a business coach.

There are many free platforms to experiment with. Again it”s not advisable to get a load of upgrades you probably don’t need. For example Instagram is Free for personal and business accounts.

This is where a coach can help and guide you by implementing your marketing strategy to the most efficient funnels for your business plan.


I asked the question at the start of this blog, When do you start your campaign – NOW. Why wait, yes mistakes will be made out you learn as you go along and adapt accordingly. Have fun with it, after all it’s YOUR baby.

My specialisation is photography within digital marketing. If this is something you are struggling with, DM me for a FREE chat.

How has Social Media proved to be a beneficial move for you? Tell me in the COMMENTS section below.



Are you running a marketing campaign and not getting much traction or response from your advertising? Are you including CTA’s at the end of your offer? if not consider including CTA’s as part of your advertising strategy. It is the most important element if you want to encourage engagement and convert those important customers.

Every one remembers at one time your parents shouting, ‘ Get UP & Tidy You’r Room!!’ Seems Familiar. This was one of your Call To Actions, although you did not realise it at the time.

I am not suggesting you talk to your audience like this, however, you want your customers to take action from your direction.

Using strong command verbs are essential and should be clear and concise. Lets imagine that you are running a Fitness business and you want potential customers to visit your web site where they will find useful tips and an offer of some kind. What would you say to get them to look?

The trick is Ito keep it simple. Here, the ad shows a dynamic image as well as strong action verbs telling the viewer what you want them to do.

This image provokes the advantages of FOMO. This is the Fear of Missing Out. How often as children did you have the fear of not belonging to the ‘cool’ crowd.

I remember as a young teenager my mother arranged a party for me and I was not looking forward to it as she asked the neardy and boring kids who were not really part of my social circle. ( not meant to make me sound special ! ) One person turned up. Anyway I got a call from another friend saying that everyone was at their party and did I want to come. There was no contest. I was grateful for their CTA. I had a blast.

Where possible use numbers for your audience to relate to. In the above image 10% was used to entice people to react to the offer. Show pricing so that customers are aware of what market you are positioning yourself in. Are you going for the mass market or the exclusive one.

If the user sees a favourable price they will register their interest by clicking for more information on your products/services. In other words they are reacting to your CTA. Result.

Rather than saying Book Now, you could reduce the risk to a prospect by giving positive results such as ‘ Try a Free Trial with us’. This takes a softer approach and will probably result in a long term relationship building trust and commitment.

Vanessa Lau Millenial Online Business Coach

I am an ardent fan of Vanessa Lau, who has a brilliant Youtube channel with excellent tutorials. See how she uses CTA’s. ( http://www.youtube.com/vanessalau) She is very inspirational.

Once you have established you CTA’s its essential that your audience can reach you, so your contact details and web site must link up. if you have a strong CTA on Instagram you can link all your funnels under one umbrella in Linkt.ree. It saves you having to list all your sites separately, so you can link Your CTA to them all. This only applies to Instagram.

You can see how it works on dublinbizcoach Bio on Instagram.

Here is a good example of a video CTA on Facebook.

A very engaging and strong Call to Action statement. Videos are very strong and yield great results.

There are hundreds of Call to Action examples so choose some that are impactive and relate to your industry. Remember the best ones are short and have strong verbs. Determine the goals you want to achieve and be strong and Go For It!

Dublinbizcoach invites you to become a member of our community. Leave a comment below and keep us up to date with your Call To Actions. Have you any ideas or opinions on this subject?

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BE S. M. A. R. T.

What does it mean to be smart? We all try to be smart in our decisions in life but often we get it wrong. In digital marketing being SMART gives a structure to your business marketing plan. Imagine building a house without a plan!

Lets explore what Smart means:

This gives structure to your marketing plan, something I really needed to do as I was floundering about which direction to go. Now I have direction and purpose.

It’s my intention to set up coaching for photographers who want to take unique and impressionable images to portray their brand and purpose within their Social Media campaign. I was really struggling to construct a plan and SMART helps me concentrate on my aims and goals.

So lets go through some examples:

Specific Goals: Developing a photographic course for social media photographers such as Instagram and Facebook. I have learned how to post Instagram and Facebook Stories over the last six months with a specific goal in mind to attract the photographic community. (Instagram.com/takealeap64.)

They are so simple to set up and yet are very effective.

I aim to increase my paying clients by 20% over the next six months

Measurable : When I post I periodically check ‘ view insights’ on my images which shows bio views and number of engagements. A popular image has been:

This shows measure and connection with the target audience. Every picture tells a story relative to the viewer and should evoke a reaction.

Achievable: Your goals should be realistic. My photography course will start off with one to ones which will be manageable and allows for Feedback which is important for the development of the business. This will be achievable and sustainable.

I want to increase my traffic traction through the relevant social media funnels.

Relevant: My goals are relevant in so much that I want to develop and reach photographers skills and knowledge so they in turn can achieve their goals when producing professional, dynamic images. I have to identify their needs and create a relevant course to satisfy their needs.

Time: There should be a time scale in place so that both parties are aware of the time restraints. When running a course curriculum the student should be aware that any assignments must be submitted on time and lessons will be over a specific period of time. I other words they must be responsible for their work and I must mark and teach within the specified times.

Having established my goals, it is important to share them with the public, showing transparency an allowing them to follow your progress. It makes them feel part of the process and can develop trust and more loyal followers.

Sharing feedback with your customers will give a really good insight into their needs. Don’t expect all feedback to be good but use this as a positive to initiate change and again, fill the customers’ needs.

Success can be a reality if you put these goals into practice and adapt them from time to time. By stretching your expectations and your goals will encourage your followers to reach for ambitious targets.

This can be achieved by caching photographers to push the boundaries and develop their own style and brand by experimenting rather than copying others who are successful.

So why not sit down and draft your own SMART GOALS and see where it leads you.

For further information on Photography coaching for Digital Marketing enquire below and I would really look forward to working together to develop your skills.


Content Block

For weeks now I have had a complete block on meaningful content and to a certain extent I still have, so the best thing is to start writing again and hopefully inspiration will come.

Got to empty my head of the rubbish in there, ok its clearing. I want to know where I can go with this. who can talk to to tell my story . I have so many to tell, but how?

Where is Your Content Going ?

Think, what is it I am trying to say, make it simple and clear.

I have to imagine I am in coffee shop with some friends and have to engage with them enough in order to make them be part the story.

I can get animated and emotional when relating the tale and I know it’s interesting when my friends are relating to it with laughter and long periods of concentration.

Having a subject that you are passionate about will relate to your readers through your copy. I am passionate about coaching whether its Social Media or Photography.

I spent five years teaching and coaching English in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I have so many stories to tell, one day I will put to paper. Many people suggested I write a book, so maybe I will. I made so many Vietnamese friends through coaching and we still stay in touch and part of me still belongs there. The point is to tell your story and relate it to your copy and your readers will follow your journey.

This is going better than I thought! I am beginning to get unblocked. Hope this is making sense. Just putting my immediate thoughts down and not getting stressed about form is helping.

I think the lesson I have learnt is to listen to what people want and provide them with informative useful copy which is engaging and entertaining through my personal experiences.

Nothing is perfect, but the aim is to connect and ask questions to engage. Who is your Target audience, You will know when they start to engage with you. Very exciting!

Who is Your Target Audience.
Hope You Never Get This Far !

Having jumped in and drafted this blog I feel I am unblocked and by committing my thoughts to this page I feel liberated.

Share your experiences of copy writing blocks, how do you do to push forward?

Follow and Leave a comment below.


Irish Culture Made Simple

Celebrating Irish Culture

Last week I asked what content you would like to see, well I got one reply from Vu Dong Phuong, an old student of mine from Vietnam. So here goes.

Let’s start with St. Patricks Day. One of the most celebrated days throughout the world but did you realise he wasn’t even Irish !!! He was infact Roman and was kidnapped by Irish bandits and put into slavery as a shepherd.

6 years passed when he heard a calling from God to move to a port over 100 miles away. Ireland. He brought Christianity to Ireland and likened the shamrock to the Holy Trinity which has now become the iconic symbol of Ireland.

Next is most peoples favourite Culture – Guinness.

Famous Pint of Guinness

Pub culture is the backbone of Irish society. This is where families meet and catch up over a pint of the Black Stuff.

Guiness was introduced by Arthur Guinness in Dublin in 1859. It is known and drunk all over the world and brings in a staggering €2 thousand million every year and with a 9000 year lease on the brewery, the worlds most famous pint is going nowhere.

What better when drinking a pint of Guinness to have Irish music to sing along with.

Irish Music In a Classic Irish Pub

Music plays a major part in Irish Culture and consists of wide range of instruments such as; the fiddle, acoustic guitar, Celtic harp, flute, banjo and the Bodhran.

The Bodhran

Irish music would not be decent unless you could dance to it, which brings us to Irish Dance Culture. Irish dancing was made popular back in 1990’s with Riverdance. Irish dance evokes a unique fashion sense with dresses designs from The Book Of Kells and tap shoes which produce clicks I time to the music.

Irish Myths and Legends have become world famous. Some mythes have evolved into other lands, such as, Fionn Mac Cumhaill ( Fin Mac Cooal ). Some say in order to keep his feet dry he constructed the Giants Causeway.

He is also known to have grabbed a huge piece of land to intimidate then Scots, but missed and formed the Isle of Man. The empty hole developed into Lough Neagh, Northen Ireland.

Fin Mac Cumhaill

Leprechauns have become a famous character in Irish folklore relating to the fairies of Tuath De Dennann, a supernatural group go gods from another world who ruled Irelands deities.


The Irish love their food and the staple is the humble potato! This is another famous symbol of Ireland and in the 17th century was a huge economic influence. However, the Potato Famine in 1845 millions were forced to starve and move away. The mass emigration to lands such as America and England allowed the Irish culture to spread and grow as we know it today. The famine ended six years later and potatoes are still as popular in Ireland today.

The Humble Potato that influenced Irish Culture

There is so much to Irish culture so today I have covered a few of the basics. I hope this gives you an insight into Irish culture.

Irish people are very friendly and will ask you what is the Craic? it means, is everything going well, what’s going on.

Try it out on your friends or strangers today and make a friend, its the Irish way.

If you have any questions on Irish culture leave a comment and Follow –

http://www.dublinbizcoach to keep ahead.



Why Use Images in Social Media Posts

Images that tell a story and are relative,
create the most impact.

Images in social media can engage your audience immediately, if they are relevant and conceptual. Tell me that you didn’t chuckle at the above image. it also invokes a sense of familiarity and feelings of past frustrations.

Content with images achieve 94% more views than content without relevant images. They also attract new followers as well as retaining the attention of existing viewers.

It is imperative, therefore that the image is relative to your business. If you go on holiday and take loads of holiday images, then post them on your business page, your customers will not only be confused but also disengaged.

Images in social media can ‘Persuade’ creating desire, such as fashion. The image creates a perception that you could afford the product if you live a certain lifestyle which may be just out of reach of your normal life, but we still aspire to possessing the goods.

Well known Brands sell themselves

Instagram is a great place to engage with your followers and keep them up to date with your latest designs as well as growing your target audience with ‘stories’

Videos are another popular way to show your products and services especially on YouTube. There have been many memorable campaigns highlighted on this channel, for example, The Kit Kat Ad with the Panders. ( https://youtu.be/A-_7YnqG9fg ) Copy and Paste Link.

Hilarious and memorable.

Image result for Images of Kit Kat ad with Panders

Facebook and Instagram are the two main players, however there are other reputable platforms, so don’t restrict your images to one area.

  • Vero Social:

This the newest platform for photographers. The main advantage is that they display your images in high definition and does not compress images, which is what Facebook and Instagram do. It also shows music and movies and shows interest for people with diverse interest.

  • Flikre:

This has been around before social media was established. Its free version limits your images to 1000 and you can store high resolution photos. ( Up to 5K ) for free. Instagram does not do this.

  • Pinterest:

Want to boost your photo business, this serves professional photographers. This platform is not designed for LIKES, but it allows your images to be showcased to potential clients through backlinks. Its a good way to see what is trending and what new styles are developing.

  • Seller Stories:

This is for mobile users to show their stories on a regular basis. Seller Stories lets you post albums of images and allows you to tell your stories around it. You can share and engage with other users.

Seller Stories
  • Behance:

This is owned by Adobe and is one of the best networking sites available. It allows to share and intereact with your content.

It is a creative version of Linkedin and concentrates on photography and graphics and is available to existing and potential clients. It acts as your Port Folio which people can LIKE and comment on.


In Conclusion, there are many alternative choices out there to highlight your work over a wide spectrum of Social Media Platforms. These are a few of the few alternatives.

Depending on your business, one or two of these platforms should be effective.

I am going to leave you with one more image I stumbled across in Saigon, how the tables can be turned!

Smile Mummy, You’r too Big !

As you can see in this blog, images create interest and tell stories.

Leave a comment below with your best photo story. Thanks.


Best Smart Phone Cameras for Instagram


Fantastic, you have decided to be an Instagrammer and post all your images for all to see. Did you know that 95 million posts are submitted to Instagram every day !

How are you going to get noticed? I heard a comment from a friend who saw I was taking pictures for my business account, (www.instagram/dublinbizcoach). He said I must join and post all the pictures I have ever taken! Really?

Firstly, it’s a good plan to concentrate on one area and get really good at it, such as travel, beauty or food.

Most importantly your images must stand out. This can be achieved by creating your unique style as well as using a good quality camera.

What pictures will you take, personal or commercial? Smartphones may be your choice. They have come a long way in quality and are capable of taking good quality videos, so here are a few top suggestions.

  • Google Pixel 3. This is a well respected camera for travel photography and ideal for Instagram images. It has 12.4 MP sensor with a 1.4 lense. This is good for dark conditions. Price 360 Euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is Samsungs flagship phone boasting a superior camera system with a 12MP sensor as well as being water resistant. It has a 1.4 lense and is a good quality all-round travel camera. Price. 880 Euros

  • iPhone 11
Iphone 11

This is Apples latest offering with oodles of goodies.

All‑new dual‑camera system.

Take your photos from wide to ultra-wide. A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra-Wide camera to show you what’s happening outside the frame — and lets you capture it. Shoot and edit videos as easily as you do photos. It’s the world’s most popular camera, now with a whole new perspective. ( Apple.com). Price 830 Euros.

Whether you’re taking selfies or dangling from a cliff edge ( be careful ) you should get a cracking result from any of these cameras. Remember, do something different to get noticed.

Smartphone cameras are excellent for taking moments for Instagram Stories. The posts can be visible within minutes. 30% of your traffic is generated through Instagram stories. Now is a good time to take a walk and get some inspiration. Stories are great fun and engaging, so get noticed.

Never miss an opportunity, you never know what’s around the corner. Last week I was walking along the Liffey and from nowhere saw this wapping great tall ship from Mexico. Got four days of pics and video. Amazing. ( taken with Samsung A20e )

A fellow photographer told me once, my pictures where very one dimensional, so go low, go high, use different angles. He was so right.

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How much can you Charge your Customers

What can you charge to feel comfortable with your customer

Hi Guys, welcome to the latest blog with Dublin Biz Coach, hope you had a great summer.

It’s time to buckle in for winter and maybe review your pricing structure or set one up if you are starting out.

Don’t Panic !

Pricing is a fine balance, especially when starting out. Something we don’t feel confident in.

We tend to judge the customer by thinking they will not be able to afford our services.

Why ?

We think this because we sub consciously think that we can’t so they can’t.

This is a common misconception which once we get over this and apply our expertise to the customers problem, it all makes sense and our prices can be justified.

Remember, they are coming to you to get fresh ideas and to find a way to move forward so remember, you are the Boss.

You are not there to deliver to their timetable necessarily, so you should dictate your terms at the outset. Outline your charges and what you can do for them for that price, at the same time, give them what they want and outline your plan for them. Believe in what you do.

This gives them the perception of being special.

This should fit with their budget, so by setting your capabilities you should be able to deliver a good quality service.

It helps to create a perceived value product or service. Give an offer to attract people.

‘ With this blog I will offer a Free consultation when you make a booking for a one to one course with Social Media business coaching with Dublin Biz Coach ‘

Word of Mouth is the cheapest marketing platform

Get this right and people will spread the word and you will find a good level for your pricing and business will flourish.

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Good luck and have fun with your business.


Photos for Social Media. Get Noticed

Everyday approximately 8.95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. How are you going to get your post out there and noticed?

Basically you need to have a unique approach and style. This carries on through the editing stage which will determine your brand message through colours and subject matter.

I mentioned to a friend whilst out in Dublin that I was Instagramming, looking for inspiration. He said ‘ Oh I would like to do that, I have many pictures, I could publish them all. I pointed out that Instagram is not meant to be used to dump all your images on there and hope for thousand of followers.

It is important to concentrate on who you are targeting and show relevant, yet appealing images. With millions of images posted, people scrolling will have to be impressed. So whether you are using a DSLR or your smart phone, find an interesting subject then circle 360 degrees and look up and down to find the most impactive angle.

Taking the light into consideration, it is good to place the ambient light to the side and high to create a set light. Below is a portrait of a Cambodian monk, which I took, where the light is coming from his right giving a soft light over the rest of his face.

Yes I was a professional photographer and had many opportunities to practice my craft and am still learning today through my smartphone. Amazing quality.

There is also the rule of 2/3rds, where the subject should always be in some part of the 1/3rd of the frame, but not really in the middle, it makes a flat and one dimensional image.

This is a good example :

Subject placed off centre creating space and interest

Editing is important to create a consistent Brand message, however the secret is not to over edit with saturated colours and over sharpening. Lightroom and Photoshop are the most popular. It is best to view the tutorials to get the best effects.

This is taken on Samsung A20E. This got a good reaction on Instagram, especially from the college.

National College of Ireland symbolising the growth of knowledge

There next part is to research what each Social Media requires for downloading in respect of size and subject matters. ( https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-image-sizes-guide/ ) They will provide the recommended sizes for each platform)

Posting a relevant image evokes a conversation and eventually leads to loyal and trusting followers. I must stress, it takes time so post constantly with good quality images.

I want to share with you the most popular image ever published on Instagram.

It’s not what you would expect. It’s a great lesson to keeping things simple. https://www.facebook.com/Dublin-Biz-Coach-357802261570143/ to see. You will be surprise. Leave a comment and Follow and Like if you agree to keep it SIMPLE.

Finally, don’t go out without your phone or camera, you never know what inspiration may lie around the corner, happy Instagramming.

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As a past photographer, I know how secondary, marketing for getting a solid customer base is an inconvenience and something that takes up too much time. We assume that people will view our spectacular images, pick up the phone and ask us to take thousands of pounds worth of pictures.

Unfortunately, this is the part which is the most important. Planning is essential in any business. After all is there a need for your photography? Do you take pictures of bugs, well if you do your market will be small.

There are some basics involved to get your business out there:1.

1.Find your niche, what makes you stand out. Concentrate on one subject and get good at it.

2. Automate your social media to link externally to your platforms. If you have an Instagram account, link it to Facebook and your blog.

3. Set up a blog ( WordPress is the most popular & they provide free sites and hosting.) They are easy to administrate and have tuitions on how best to blog. Post regularly and make content relevant and interesting.

4. Tell stories. Your images should relate to the customer and tell a story. Easy example, wedding photography should flow through the day and tell the viewer what happened with a touch of humour and style.

5. Get referrals from past customers. Show your work in the best light to show your style and brand.

6. Build an email list and create a schedule to target your audience with promotions and latest images.

7. Run contests and competitions. Prizes could consist of a free hours tuition or a discount on a commission


8. Become an influencer by linking with fellow professionals and offer tips to create interest.

9 Get satisfied customers to refer their friends and offer discounts.

10. Register on Google Business Pages with strong keywords and contact details to get noticed.

11. Join FB group related to your niche business. Engage with your customers and fellow photographers.

These are a few steps you could take to improve you marketing strategy. If you need to explore social media further, I am running courses on Instagram & Facebook to increase your client base.

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Research is the key plus dedication and patience. Don’t give up.

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