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BE S. M. A. R. T.

What does it mean to be smart? We all try to be smart in our decisions in life but often we get it wrong. In digital marketing being SMART gives a structure to your business marketing plan. Imagine building a house without a plan!

Lets explore what Smart means:

This gives structure to your marketing plan, something I really needed to do as I was floundering about which direction to go. Now I have direction and purpose.

It’s my intention to set up coaching for photographers who want to take unique and impressionable images to portray their brand and purpose within their Social Media campaign. I was really struggling to construct a plan and SMART helps me concentrate on my aims and goals.

So lets go through some examples:

Specific Goals: Developing a photographic course for social media photographers such as Instagram and Facebook. I have learned how to post Instagram and Facebook Stories over the last six months with a specific goal in mind to attract the photographic community. (

They are so simple to set up and yet are very effective.

I aim to increase my paying clients by 20% over the next six months

Measurable : When I post I periodically check ‘ view insights’ on my images which shows bio views and number of engagements. A popular image has been:

This shows measure and connection with the target audience. Every picture tells a story relative to the viewer and should evoke a reaction.

Achievable: Your goals should be realistic. My photography course will start off with one to ones which will be manageable and allows for Feedback which is important for the development of the business. This will be achievable and sustainable.

I want to increase my traffic traction through the relevant social media funnels.

Relevant: My goals are relevant in so much that I want to develop and reach photographers skills and knowledge so they in turn can achieve their goals when producing professional, dynamic images. I have to identify their needs and create a relevant course to satisfy their needs.

Time: There should be a time scale in place so that both parties are aware of the time restraints. When running a course curriculum the student should be aware that any assignments must be submitted on time and lessons will be over a specific period of time. I other words they must be responsible for their work and I must mark and teach within the specified times.

Having established my goals, it is important to share them with the public, showing transparency an allowing them to follow your progress. It makes them feel part of the process and can develop trust and more loyal followers.

Sharing feedback with your customers will give a really good insight into their needs. Don’t expect all feedback to be good but use this as a positive to initiate change and again, fill the customers’ needs.

Success can be a reality if you put these goals into practice and adapt them from time to time. By stretching your expectations and your goals will encourage your followers to reach for ambitious targets.

This can be achieved by caching photographers to push the boundaries and develop their own style and brand by experimenting rather than copying others who are successful.

So why not sit down and draft your own SMART GOALS and see where it leads you.

For further information on Photography coaching for Digital Marketing enquire below and I would really look forward to working together to develop your skills.

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Content Block

For weeks now I have had a complete block on meaningful content and to a certain extent I still have, so the best thing is to start writing again and hopefully inspiration will come.

Got to empty my head of the rubbish in there, ok its clearing. I want to know where I can go with this. who can talk to to tell my story . I have so many to tell, but how?

Where is Your Content Going ?

Think, what is it I am trying to say, make it simple and clear.

I have to imagine I am in coffee shop with some friends and have to engage with them enough in order to make them be part the story.

I can get animated and emotional when relating the tale and I know it’s interesting when my friends are relating to it with laughter and long periods of concentration.

Having a subject that you are passionate about will relate to your readers through your copy. I am passionate about coaching whether its Social Media or Photography.

I spent five years teaching and coaching English in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I have so many stories to tell, one day I will put to paper. Many people suggested I write a book, so maybe I will. I made so many Vietnamese friends through coaching and we still stay in touch and part of me still belongs there. The point is to tell your story and relate it to your copy and your readers will follow your journey.

This is going better than I thought! I am beginning to get unblocked. Hope this is making sense. Just putting my immediate thoughts down and not getting stressed about form is helping.

I think the lesson I have learnt is to listen to what people want and provide them with informative useful copy which is engaging and entertaining through my personal experiences.

Nothing is perfect, but the aim is to connect and ask questions to engage. Who is your Target audience, You will know when they start to engage with you. Very exciting!

Who is Your Target Audience.
Hope You Never Get This Far !

Having jumped in and drafted this blog I feel I am unblocked and by committing my thoughts to this page I feel liberated.

Share your experiences of copy writing blocks, how do you do to push forward?

Follow and Leave a comment below.

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Why Don’t We Listen ?

How many times do you have a conversation or ask someone to do something and you might as well be talking to yourself ! For example people ask ‘how are you ?’ You reply, ‘ Not good, having a really bad day’. They ignore this and say ‘ Jolly Good, I am really good.’

In other words, they have not listened.

In business as well as socially the art of listening is paramount to interaction. So how can be an efficient listener?Listening can tune your ears to different accents, pronunciation and drastically increase your vocabulary. ( this is a very amusing video relating to English accents Siobhan Thompson, well worth watching.

  • Listening can help you understand the tone of voice. If someone speaks softly, it’s important to ask them to speak up, otherwise instruction can be lost or misinterpreted. The other evening I was explaining where a Chinese takeaway was, it was opposite Connolly Rail station, Dublin. A reply came, ‘ I didn’t know there was a Conference centre was there!
  • By listening you gather relevant information about the speaker, especially customers. You can assess their character. Are they into small talk. Do they get to the point. Are they very polite. By listening, a good salesperson will pick up on these attributes.
  • If you listen carefully you can ascertain what the speaker is trying to convey which can be paramount in business negotiations. There is nothing worse than someone talking at you trying to sell you something you don’t need.If someone is talking, don’t interrupt. If you do it is not only annoying, but very rude. I breaks the speakers line of thought and potentially destroy the whole conversation.
Concentrate with Eye contact on the speaker

It’s important to think about what you are listening to. Is it relevant to what you talking about. Nothing worse than passively listening whilst thinking about your impending night out.

Making eye contact with the speaker. I have a friend who looks over my shoulder and around the room while i am speaking, then starts laughing as he has seen something funny, all when I am speaking. AHHHHHHHHH !!! really rude.

Pay attention to body language, it can tell you about their reactions and feelings. Hand movements can extenuate your message. However best not to use it too much or else you will come across as a windmill.

Shows Feeling through Hand Gestures

All of the above will improve your listening techniques and help improve your communication with your target audience.

Who or what do you like Listening too? Maybe its relaxing music, podcasts or just plain silence!

Whats your preference?

Leave a comment below with your Listening experiences, good or bad.

Exchange your stories in my FB group. I am sure you have a memorable story to tell. Group

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Irish Culture Made Simple

Celebrating Irish Culture

Last week I asked what content you would like to see, well I got one reply from Vu Dong Phuong, an old student of mine from Vietnam. So here goes.

Let’s start with St. Patricks Day. One of the most celebrated days throughout the world but did you realise he wasn’t even Irish !!! He was infact Roman and was kidnapped by Irish bandits and put into slavery as a shepherd.

6 years passed when he heard a calling from God to move to a port over 100 miles away. Ireland. He brought Christianity to Ireland and likened the shamrock to the Holy Trinity which has now become the iconic symbol of Ireland.

Next is most peoples favourite Culture – Guinness.

Famous Pint of Guinness

Pub culture is the backbone of Irish society. This is where families meet and catch up over a pint of the Black Stuff.

Guiness was introduced by Arthur Guinness in Dublin in 1859. It is known and drunk all over the world and brings in a staggering €2 thousand million every year and with a 9000 year lease on the brewery, the worlds most famous pint is going nowhere.

What better when drinking a pint of Guinness to have Irish music to sing along with.

Irish Music In a Classic Irish Pub

Music plays a major part in Irish Culture and consists of wide range of instruments such as; the fiddle, acoustic guitar, Celtic harp, flute, banjo and the Bodhran.

The Bodhran

Irish music would not be decent unless you could dance to it, which brings us to Irish Dance Culture. Irish dancing was made popular back in 1990’s with Riverdance. Irish dance evokes a unique fashion sense with dresses designs from The Book Of Kells and tap shoes which produce clicks I time to the music.

Irish Myths and Legends have become world famous. Some mythes have evolved into other lands, such as, Fionn Mac Cumhaill ( Fin Mac Cooal ). Some say in order to keep his feet dry he constructed the Giants Causeway.

He is also known to have grabbed a huge piece of land to intimidate then Scots, but missed and formed the Isle of Man. The empty hole developed into Lough Neagh, Northen Ireland.

Fin Mac Cumhaill

Leprechauns have become a famous character in Irish folklore relating to the fairies of Tuath De Dennann, a supernatural group go gods from another world who ruled Irelands deities.


The Irish love their food and the staple is the humble potato! This is another famous symbol of Ireland and in the 17th century was a huge economic influence. However, the Potato Famine in 1845 millions were forced to starve and move away. The mass emigration to lands such as America and England allowed the Irish culture to spread and grow as we know it today. The famine ended six years later and potatoes are still as popular in Ireland today.

The Humble Potato that influenced Irish Culture

There is so much to Irish culture so today I have covered a few of the basics. I hope this gives you an insight into Irish culture.

Irish people are very friendly and will ask you what is the Craic? it means, is everything going well, what’s going on.

Try it out on your friends or strangers today and make a friend, its the Irish way.

If you have any questions on Irish culture leave a comment and Follow –

http://www.dublinbizcoach to keep ahead.


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Why Use Images in Social Media Posts

Images that tell a story and are relative,
create the most impact.

Images in social media can engage your audience immediately, if they are relevant and conceptual. Tell me that you didn’t chuckle at the above image. it also invokes a sense of familiarity and feelings of past frustrations.

Content with images achieve 94% more views than content without relevant images. They also attract new followers as well as retaining the attention of existing viewers.

It is imperative, therefore that the image is relative to your business. If you go on holiday and take loads of holiday images, then post them on your business page, your customers will not only be confused but also disengaged.

Images in social media can ‘Persuade’ creating desire, such as fashion. The image creates a perception that you could afford the product if you live a certain lifestyle which may be just out of reach of your normal life, but we still aspire to possessing the goods.

Well known Brands sell themselves

Instagram is a great place to engage with your followers and keep them up to date with your latest designs as well as growing your target audience with ‘stories’

Videos are another popular way to show your products and services especially on YouTube. There have been many memorable campaigns highlighted on this channel, for example, The Kit Kat Ad with the Panders. ( ) Copy and Paste Link.

Hilarious and memorable.

Image result for Images of Kit Kat ad with Panders

Facebook and Instagram are the two main players, however there are other reputable platforms, so don’t restrict your images to one area.

  • Vero Social:

This the newest platform for photographers. The main advantage is that they display your images in high definition and does not compress images, which is what Facebook and Instagram do. It also shows music and movies and shows interest for people with diverse interest.

  • Flikre:

This has been around before social media was established. Its free version limits your images to 1000 and you can store high resolution photos. ( Up to 5K ) for free. Instagram does not do this.

  • Pinterest:

Want to boost your photo business, this serves professional photographers. This platform is not designed for LIKES, but it allows your images to be showcased to potential clients through backlinks. Its a good way to see what is trending and what new styles are developing.

  • Seller Stories:

This is for mobile users to show their stories on a regular basis. Seller Stories lets you post albums of images and allows you to tell your stories around it. You can share and engage with other users.

Seller Stories
  • Behance:

This is owned by Adobe and is one of the best networking sites available. It allows to share and intereact with your content.

It is a creative version of Linkedin and concentrates on photography and graphics and is available to existing and potential clients. It acts as your Port Folio which people can LIKE and comment on.


In Conclusion, there are many alternative choices out there to highlight your work over a wide spectrum of Social Media Platforms. These are a few of the few alternatives.

Depending on your business, one or two of these platforms should be effective.

I am going to leave you with one more image I stumbled across in Saigon, how the tables can be turned!

Smile Mummy, You’r too Big !

As you can see in this blog, images create interest and tell stories.

Leave a comment below with your best photo story. Thanks.