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Are you running a marketing campaign and not getting much traction or response from your advertising? Are you including CTA’s at the end of your offer? if not consider including CTA’s as part of your advertising strategy. It is the most important element if you want to encourage engagement and convert those important customers.

Every one remembers at one time your parents shouting, ‘ Get UP & Tidy You’r Room!!’ Seems Familiar. This was one of your Call To Actions, although you did not realise it at the time.

I am not suggesting you talk to your audience like this, however, you want your customers to take action from your direction.

Using strong command verbs are essential and should be clear and concise. Lets imagine that you are running a Fitness business and you want potential customers to visit your web site where they will find useful tips and an offer of some kind. What would you say to get them to look?

The trick is Ito keep it simple. Here, the ad shows a dynamic image as well as strong action verbs telling the viewer what you want them to do.

This image provokes the advantages of FOMO. This is the Fear of Missing Out. How often as children did you have the fear of not belonging to the ‘cool’ crowd.

I remember as a young teenager my mother arranged a party for me and I was not looking forward to it as she asked the neardy and boring kids who were not really part of my social circle. ( not meant to make me sound special ! ) One person turned up. Anyway I got a call from another friend saying that everyone was at their party and did I want to come. There was no contest. I was grateful for their CTA. I had a blast.

Where possible use numbers for your audience to relate to. In the above image 10% was used to entice people to react to the offer. Show pricing so that customers are aware of what market you are positioning yourself in. Are you going for the mass market or the exclusive one.

If the user sees a favourable price they will register their interest by clicking for more information on your products/services. In other words they are reacting to your CTA. Result.

Rather than saying Book Now, you could reduce the risk to a prospect by giving positive results such as ‘ Try a Free Trial with us’. This takes a softer approach and will probably result in a long term relationship building trust and commitment.

Vanessa Lau Millenial Online Business Coach

I am an ardent fan of Vanessa Lau, who has a brilliant Youtube channel with excellent tutorials. See how she uses CTA’s. ( She is very inspirational.

Once you have established you CTA’s its essential that your audience can reach you, so your contact details and web site must link up. if you have a strong CTA on Instagram you can link all your funnels under one umbrella in Linkt.ree. It saves you having to list all your sites separately, so you can link Your CTA to them all. This only applies to Instagram.

You can see how it works on dublinbizcoach Bio on Instagram.

Here is a good example of a video CTA on Facebook.

A very engaging and strong Call to Action statement. Videos are very strong and yield great results.

There are hundreds of Call to Action examples so choose some that are impactive and relate to your industry. Remember the best ones are short and have strong verbs. Determine the goals you want to achieve and be strong and Go For It!

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