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What Are People Looking for in a Social Media Coach

Is your business lagging behind in the world of Social Media, if so what do you want to achieve in order to stand out? How are you going to set out your marketing plan? Where is your target audience? When do you intend to start your campaign, maybe you already have.

All these questions, and you are trying to run your business, have you got time to run your campaign?

Why Hire a Business Coach

This is where it is worth considering hiring a social media business coach to guide you through the maze, that is Digital Marketing. It is worth mentioning that a business coach is there to steer you in the right direction, not to do the work for you, so you have to implement the structure and develop your skills accordingly.

Building Awareness

  • They will help you build awareness so that your target audience will be aware of who you are and what your business offers whether you are a small high street business or a corporation. social Media allows businesses to showcase their products and services to a worldwide audience instantly rather than relying on local advertising where its difficult to measure who has seen your advertisement.

An example would be say, JD Sports on one hand and on the other a local village florist shop, both would benefit from promoting awareness.

Digital Marketing has become an essential part of everyday business and its hard enough to run a business and deal with the marketing strategy, so why not seek advise from a professional marketer so you can concentrate on the daily tasks of driving your business forward.

Linkedin and Twitter platforms are more suited for formal businesses such as corporations whereas beauty and health businesses are more suited to Instagram and Facebook.

Imagine a business coach helping a bakery business. They have no idea how to bake at the same time they have hired a coach because they do not know the workings of Digital Marketing. Yet the two businesses can benefit each other.

Marketing Strategy

  • Have you got a marketing strategy in place? Is it specific to your business? What channels do have in place. Are they relevant to your business and do they fit your business model? A business coach should guide you and recommend the best marketing plan for your business and create a strategy to connect with your target audience. They will create promotions and market them through appropriate funnels which will reach your target audience enticing engagement thus creating increased sales and revenue.

88.2% of companies will use social networks for marketing purposes, and is estimated to reach 89.4% by 2019. 64% of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media marketing strategy.

Creating Authority

  • Do you communicate authority? When customers are teaching on line for a service will they click on your business, if so you should have a strong profile as well as consistent, strong content which is engaging and oozes brand authority. A coach will guide you through the process and give you strong tips. View Venessa Lau on Youtube, she is a great advocate on these subjects.

Show Your Voice

  • Potential customers are not interested in corporate style posts. It’s not a good idea to be patronising, so talk to your customers, engage in conversation, ask them what they are looking for. Show them your voice and who you are. After all we are all social animals and love to chat and share news. Tell them about your Brand and if they follow you and are loyal they will become Brand Ambassadors.

Highlight Your Business

  • Social Media channels are constantly growing and evolving and are allowing businesses to learn as they go. A coach will set out a strategy for your business to be seen on Instagram/Facebook stories giving your audience an insight into your business. There are many chat room platforms so you can engage with your customers in real time, such as Whatsapp and FaceTime.

Engaging within a Facebook groups relevant to your subject, for example, photography can give you a platform to be an authority within your industry and become an Influencer.

Show Support

  • Providing support is now easier and a coach will create systems for your business to solve problems and help customers through social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. They will create systems for tracking customer feedback, questions and yes, complaints. It’s really important to respond as quickly as possible. Businesses use complaints like market research to improve their customer service, so it should be a positive experience.

Be an Authority

Its the job of a coach to evaluate your business and apply the relevant funnels to your business. This could be just one such as Linkedin if you run a formal business, for example, an international marine insurer. Instagram, would not be a suitable platform neither would Snapchat or WhatsApp.

Successful Social Media coaches are very clear who their ideal clients are. They can be specialized and have a particular niche which related to their clients. A good example of this would be the music business and within this subject they will concentrate on a further niche, such as Jazz, Pop and Rock.


Firstly its probably best to late your stall out first and see whether you have a viable business. If you have test it out to see whether you are making money, if so, then it’s then it’s best to consider whether you want a business coach.

There are many free platforms to experiment with. Again it”s not advisable to get a load of upgrades you probably don’t need. For example Instagram is Free for personal and business accounts.

This is where a coach can help and guide you by implementing your marketing strategy to the most efficient funnels for your business plan.


I asked the question at the start of this blog, When do you start your campaign – NOW. Why wait, yes mistakes will be made out you learn as you go along and adapt accordingly. Have fun with it, after all it’s YOUR baby.

My specialisation is photography within digital marketing. If this is something you are struggling with, DM me for a FREE chat.

How has Social Media proved to be a beneficial move for you? Tell me in the COMMENTS section below.

Social Media

How much can you Charge your Customers

What can you charge to feel comfortable with your customer

Hi Guys, welcome to the latest blog with Dublin Biz Coach, hope you had a great summer.

It’s time to buckle in for winter and maybe review your pricing structure or set one up if you are starting out.

Don’t Panic !

Pricing is a fine balance, especially when starting out. Something we don’t feel confident in.

We tend to judge the customer by thinking they will not be able to afford our services.

Why ?

We think this because we sub consciously think that we can’t so they can’t.

This is a common misconception which once we get over this and apply our expertise to the customers problem, it all makes sense and our prices can be justified.

Remember, they are coming to you to get fresh ideas and to find a way to move forward so remember, you are the Boss.

You are not there to deliver to their timetable necessarily, so you should dictate your terms at the outset. Outline your charges and what you can do for them for that price, at the same time, give them what they want and outline your plan for them. Believe in what you do.

This gives them the perception of being special.

This should fit with their budget, so by setting your capabilities you should be able to deliver a good quality service.

It helps to create a perceived value product or service. Give an offer to attract people.

‘ With this blog I will offer a Free consultation when you make a booking for a one to one course with Social Media business coaching with Dublin Biz Coach ‘

Word of Mouth is the cheapest marketing platform

Get this right and people will spread the word and you will find a good level for your pricing and business will flourish.

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Good luck and have fun with your business.