BE S. M. A. R. T.

What does it mean to be smart? We all try to be smart in our decisions in life but often we get it wrong. In digital marketing being SMART gives a structure to your business marketing plan. Imagine building a house without a plan! Lets explore what Smart means: This gives structure to your marketingContinue reading “BE S. M. A. R. T.”

How You Can Make Your Instagram​ Pictures Look Premium

With 95 million posts a day posted on Instagram, this is a great question. What are you taking images for? If it’s for commercial purposes find a specialist photographer who understands your product ( Food, Fashion for example ). They should produce a really top notch image with proper lighting and editing. The image belowContinue reading “How You Can Make Your Instagram​ Pictures Look Premium”

Best Smart Phone Cameras for Instagram

\ Fantastic, you have decided to be an Instagrammer and post all your images for all to see. Did you know that 95 million posts are submitted to Instagram every day ! How are you going to get noticed? I heard a comment from a friend who saw I was taking pictures for my businessContinue reading “Best Smart Phone Cameras for Instagram”